Google Wallet?

Which is the Best Google Wallet Alternative?

Google Wallet is a solid and secure wallet app, that is accepted by a variety of merchants, both online and offline. But yet, there are a couple of alternatives to Google Wallet that offer complementary features, or various benefits. So why not have both?

Consider this: unlike many other products and services, there is really no downside to having more than one mobile payment app, so if you can (and this is a big if, because many apps are only available in certain devices and carriers), just download.

So which is the best Google Wallet alternative available today?

Mobile wallet apps differ from one another by their payment process, payment security and a variety of features, like the ability to store membership cards, loyalty programs and gift cards. Some features will play a bigger part in your decision to use a specific app, so it’s hard to answer this question without bearing your specific needs in mind. But let’s try –

#1 Alternative – Apple Pay

If you have Apple iPhone 6 or above, you should definitely check out Google’s number 1 competitor. With a highly secure payment process and a rapidly increasing list of merchants and businesses accepting Apple Pay, it is currently the toughest competitor that Google Wallet has.

#2 Alternative – CurrentC

On one hand, CurrentC is only accepted by selected merchants. But, and this is a big but, those merchants often offer attractive offers and coupons that are applied automatically during checkout.

CurrentC was funded by merchants, with the sole purpose of escaping the high transaction fees that apps exactly like Apple Pay and Google Wallet charge, so in fact, those merchants are less likely to even accept payments using other apps.

#3 Alternative – LoopPay

A very good alternative to Google Wallet is LoopPay, which was acquired by Samsung, its technology mimics a credit card swipe, which means it would work anywhere you can pay with a normal credit card. This is a bit different from Google Wallet that requires the shop to have a more advanced checkout machine that supports NFC (near field communication).

#4 Alternative – Coin 2.0

OneCoin is a startup company that invented a card that will hold all your cards. It also comes with an app for Android and iOS that allows you to control your cards and manage the expanses. Oh and don’t forget about the awesome feature that alarm you when you leave your coin card behind.

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