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Pay With Phone – Top 4 Apps Compared

Looking to load your credit card details to your phone and leave your wallet at home?
Who will be the lucky app that you will use? Or maybe you should use more than one?

This 2015 comparison of the leading pay with mobile apps should help to clear things up.

 Top 4 Pay With Phone Apps

Works With Cards Accepted Security Bottom Line
Google Wallet Both Android and iOS All major credit cards PIN There’s good chance this app will work where others don’t.
Apple Pay iOS only on iPhone Watch and iPhone 6 (and above) Visa, MasterCard, American Express Thumbprint Super secure and extremely easy to use make this the best pay with phone alternative
SoftCard AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon carrierson selected Android and Windows phones American Express, Chase, Wells Fargo PIN Being easy enough to use, this might be a good backup choice, especially if you can’t use Apple Pay
PayPal Mobile Both Android and iOS All major credit cards PIN A rather complex payment process makes this app not-so-popular

google-wallet-logoGoogle Wallet

This app has been around since 2011, but even though it had plenty of time, that still doesn’t mean it is winning the mobile wallet race. Even the fact that it can be used by majority of smartphone owners in the States (while other apps have a much narrower reach) isn’t enough.

Apple Pay


Apple Pay launched in the fall of 2014 and has been rapidly gaining market share since. It has gone one step further in terms of ease of use, since you don’t even need to wake up your phone in order to pay with it. Simply hold it next to the cashier’s NFC (Near Field Technology) device and swipe your finger to confirm payment.

SoftCard (formerly known as Isis)

Recent talks about Google acquiring SoftCard might just give in the push it requires. Today, SoftCard is still lagging behind with a couple of constraints such as being limited to certain mobile carriers and not-so-major credit cards.

PayPal Mobile

Offering a more complex payment process (one that requires a lot of tapping prior to payment) hasn’t worked in Paypal’s favor. Having to find the store and basically complete a whole payment process online makes this app our least favorite among all 4 pay with phone apps.

Jason Gardiner

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  • Jaen

    not sure I understand though, Softcard will still be available?

    • Jason Gardiner

      I’m not sure, I believe that after the acquisition Google will merge them inside.

    • Jason Gardiner

      I believe they will merge it with Google Wallet.