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e Wallet Review – Password Manager Ninja

Overview of e Wallet

e Wallet is a paid app ($9.99) that has been around for over 8 years now, long before Google Wallet became the market leader in everything related to making payments using your cellular. It keeps getting raving reviews from its users, which enjoy the robust and secure way in which it stores and manage their personal data, including passwords, PINs, bank accounts and personal information.

e Wallet’s main strength lies within its powerful password manager, which not only stores hundreds of passwords, but also contains a random password generator that meets the security requirements of even the most strict websites. While the encryption and security are top notch, the app also enables you to print your wallet, if you want a non-digital copy of your passwords.

While eWallet provides an excellent solution for passwords, it is capable to store almost any type of data (even alarm codes and medical details), making it the app of choice for many users who don’t want to switch apps and vote for an all-in-one solution.

e Wallet Review: Advantages

e Wallet has many advantages, including the

  • ability to access the app both from your PC or Mac
  • storage capabilities of hundreds of passwords
  • smart phising protection
  • sync of multiple wallets
  • works both with iOS and Android
  • information stored using categories

e Wallet Review: Disadvantages

You can only send and receive money if you have a valid South African telephone number.

Windows 8 users have complained about the app not syncing to the cloud on their PC, but with the launch of Windows 10 this disadvantage is most likely to become a non-issue pretty soon.

Bottom Line

This secure app saves a lot of hassle and time for those who have multiple accounts requiring safe passwords. The small fee is well worth it, for the ability to access your passwords from your desktop, laptop and smartphone and change passwords without having to remember which passwords were changed, or what’s the new password.

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